I'm worried about someone else

If someone close to you is experiencing financial problems, struggling to keep their job or home, and finding it hard to maintain contact with family and friends, it can be challenging for them to handle these issues alone. You can play a supportive role in encouraging them to seek help. Not only does it benefit them, but it can also be helpful for you, especially if they are staying with you due to housing difficulties.

Taking care of oneself is essential, but not everyone is capable of doing so independently. This might be why the situation regarding their job, financial status, home, and relationships is deteriorating, and they could even be at risk of losing their home.

You can't always solve problems alone

Especially when multiple issues are involved they can be overwhelming, making it difficult to know where to begin to improve your circumstances. If someone you care about is facing multiple challenges, it might be wise to suggest seeking assistance from a counselor or support service. Your encouragement can be vital in helping them take that step.

What can you do?

Talk About It: Initiate conversations with the person, expressing concern and empathy. Encourage them to share how they're feeling and what they're going through. Ask questions related to specific observations, such as:

  • ‘I saw some unopened bills. Are you in trouble, financially?’

    ‘We’ve noticed you respond less frequent to our messages. Are you okay?’

    ‘I heard you lost your job. Are you worried about money?’

    ‘Am I right in thinking you’re drinking more? Are you unhappy?’

    ‘You seem a bit frustrated. Are you worried about something?’

    ‘You are sleeping at your friends’ houses a lot lately. Don’t you sleep at home anymore?’

    Suggest Seeking Help: Let them know that they are not alone and that there is help available. Recommend contacting the Vraagwijzer or their general practitioner, as they can guide them towards the appropriate support services.

Can't talk?

Do you need help talking to the other person? You can chat anonymously or call the Luisterlijn (Listening Line), a national foundation. The employee listens to your concerns or frustration and gives advice on what you can say or do.

Is it time for action?

Haven’t you got the energy (anymore) for a conversation? When you make rules, you help the other person to take action. Maybe you want someone to pay for groceries, or stays at your house for no more than 3 nights a week. The Luisterlijn can help you find out which rules are best for your situation.

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