I'm worried about someone else

If someone close to you experiencing financial problems, problems keeping there job or home, and having trouble keeping in contact with family and friends? It can be difficult for someone to solve these problems on their own. Therefor you can support the other person to seek help. Most times you also help yourself, for example if someone sleeps on your couch.

Everyone knows that it is important to take care of yourself. But not everyone is capableto do so. Maybe that's why things are getting worse with someone's job, financial situation, home or relationships with family and friends. Someone might even lose their home!

You cannot always solve problems alone

A situation with multiple problems often feels scary. It’s difficult to think where to start to improve your situation. So does anyone have multiple issues? Maybe it’s smart to contact a counselor. And maybe you can help the other to take that step!

What can you do?

Talk about it with each other. Daring to say that you are not doing well is often the first step towards asking for help. Asking the other how they are doing can therefore already help! Name something that strikes you and ask a question about it. And ask such a question again in a while. Maybe the other person will share more. For example, you can ask:

  • “I saw a pile of unopened bills. Are you stressed out about money?”

  • ‘We notice that you respond less often to apps. How are you?

  • "I heard you lost your job. Are you worried about money?”

  • "I have the impression that you drink more often. How are you feeling?”

  • "You seem a little frustrated. Are you worried about something?”

  • “I notice that you often sleep with friends. Don't you sleep at home anymore?"

Call the Vraagwijzer or go to your general practitioner

If someone shares information what's going wrong, you can say they're not alone. That there’s help. The Vraagwijzer or your general practitioner are good places to start. They can refer you to the right help. Maybe you can call the Vraagwijzer together.

Can't talk?

Do you need help talking to the other person? You can chat anonymously or call the Luisterlijn (Listening Line), a national foundation. The employee listens to your concerns or frustration and gives advice on what you can say or do.

Is it time for action?

Haven’t you got the energy (anymore) for a conversation? When you make rules, you help the other person to take action. Maybe you want someone to pay for groceries, or sleep with you no more than 3 nights a week. The Luisterijn can think along with you t which rules are best for your situation.

!Don't have a place to sleep tonight?
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