Don't have a place to sleep tonight?

With these steps you can get shelter and help

The road to help: six practical steps

Stap 1.

If you are 23 years or older, visit the reception of Centraal Onthaal located at Binnenrotte 158 between 8.30 am and 11.30 am. If you are between 18 to 23 years old, you're welcome between 12.30 pm and 4 pm.

Stap 2.

Discuss your situation with an employee of Centraal Onthaal (CO).

Stap 3.

If you are eligible for shelter, you will receive a Centraal Onthaal pass.

Stap 4.

The CO pass puts you on the list for a place to sleep in the night shelter.

Stap 5.

Around 5 p.m., you will receive a phone call informing you whether there is a bed available and at which night shelter.

Stap 6.

Go to the designated shelter, and a supervisor will assist you further.

Is Central Reception closed?

Is Centraal Onthaal closed? Try visiting our location CVD De Hille, Lange Hilleweg 256, as there may still be a bed available. You can view the shelter locations on the map:

Do you want to arrange a place to sleep for someone else?

If you know someone who doesn't have a home or is no longer able to sleep on your couch, contact Centraal Onthaal (CO) to inquire about getting a place in the shelter for them.Do you still have a place to sleep, but do you want help? Call an employee of the Vraagwijzer (Question Guide) on 14010. They will be happy to make time for you and help you.

Do you still have a place to sleep, but need help? If you have a place to sleep but still need assistance, you can call an employee of the Vraagwijzer (Question Guide) at 14010. They will make time for you and offer help and support.

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