For clients

Welcome to CVD. Do you want to change your situation? Then we are here to help you. On this page you will find practical information. Do you have a comment, question or idea? We'd love to learn more, so let us know!

Logging in on MyCVD

MyCVD is an online platform  which helps you through the steps in your personal plan. Anytime you want. You can also send messages to your coach. Anyone who receives coaching by appointment can use MyCVD[FJ(1] :? Don't have an account yet? Ask your coach if he or she will register you for MyCVD.

Our rules

We want to be a nice, safe environment for everyone who comes into contact with us. That is why we have rules about how we treat each other and our locations.

House rules

We want everyone whostayes at or visits a CVD location to feel  safe and comfortable . That is why we want you to treat people and things with respect. And we want others to treat you and your belongings with respect. Every guest or resident has to sign our house rules and  give full commitment to them. Each location has other rules. In addition to the house rules, you follow the explanation and rules given by your coach.  Exceptions are only allowed which the permission of the coach who is on duty at that time.

Code of conduct

Everyone is welcome at CVD. It doesn't matter what background you have, and we can also help you with psychological problems or addiction. We want everyone to be themselves and to feel as safe as possible with others. That is why everyone at CVD follows the code of conduct. This applies to clients, supervisors and visitors.

Do something for CVD yourself

Having a stable, safe place to call home is the foundation of your life. Do you want to do something to help people who have an uncertain home base? We like it when people want to work with us on our mission. Here you can read what you can do if you want to become a volunteer. Check our vacancies at:

Share a complaint or concern

Someone who isn’t following the rules? Do you experience something annoying? Or are you not satisfied with one of our services? Then you may want to share your experience or concerns with someone. Or report a complaint, for example about inappropriate behavior. Report this to your coach. Together you will find a solution.

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